Preventative Maintenance

Industrial air conditioner on the roofPreventative maintenance is a critical part of keeping your equipment in good running order and prolongs the life at the same time. The compressor and the heat exchanger are two of the critical components of a heating and cooling system and the compressor is the heart of a refrigeration system. Preventative maintenance can prevent these parts from failing prematurely.Our preventative maintenance plan is designed to save you money and costly down time.

Your units will be inspected thoroughly and any repairs which should be made will be recommended. All our preventative maintenance clients will receive 10% off the final amount billed throughout the duration of the agreement.

We have agreements starting at $12 per month!

What this will include: coil cleaning in the spring and heat exchanger cleanings in the fall, point to point inspection of all electrical components, fan belt adjustment, Freon gas, safety components and operation. We will make sure your equipment is in good operating order to meet the demand of your business. While we are servicing we can also change your filters at no extra charge. We can also supply the filters if desired.


The heat exchanger can develop holes if not cleaned and having the flame burning too hot can compromise the metal. If the heat exchanger has a hole, it will emit carbon monoxide into the air with in the building.

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